Alternatives 2019 will have more than 60 workshops on Wednesday and ThursdaY. The dates and times for each workshop will be posted when the schedule is complete. These are the workshop titles by categories:

  • Peer Support

    ·     Support Without Labels: Discovering Shared Human Identity Within Peer Relationships

    ·     Membership and Allyship: Us and Them, not Us versus Them

    ·     Where’s Your WRAP? The Role of Peer Supporters in Keeping WRAP in the Light

    ·     Opportunities and Challenges to Expand Peer Support Across Health Conditions

    ·     Intentional Peer Support: A Path to Connection and Social Change

    ·     Building Peer Respites with Integrity

    ·     Effective and Innovative Peer Culture: The Prosumer Experience

    ·     Critical Thinking Skills for Peers: What They Are and Why We Need Them


    Diversity, Inclusion, and Intersectionality

    ·     Your Voice Matters in Policy and Practices as It Relates to Persons with Neurodiversity in Post-Secondary Education

    ·     Uniting Social Justice Movements to Create Positive Change

    ·     Recovery Means “New Life” in Brazil

    Economic Health and Leadership Development

    • ·     Toward an Effective Peer Support Workforce: Integrating Research and Practice

      ·     Innovative Approaches to Real World Workforce Challenges

      ·     Integrating Workforce Development and Mental Health Delivery for Employment Success

      ·     Peer Support: Leading the Way in Housing and Employment

      ·     Career Chat: Sharing Tips and Strategies for Pursuing Professional Development and Personal Goals Through Education and Life Experience

      ·     Save My Job, or Save My Soul?


      Youth and Multi-Generational Strategies

      ·     Power of Connection with Young Adults in Recovery

      ·     Employment: Supporting Transition-Aged Youth with Mental Health Challenges in Achieving Employment

      ·     Youth Leadership...More Than Services

      ·     Engaging Youth

      ·     Peers 4 Recovery: Rhode Island Efforts


      Healing Through Arts

      ·     Turn the Beat Up! Zumba=Wellness=Chronic Happiness=Increased Energy=Community

      ·     Arts for Fun and Purpose

      ·     Beyond the Story

      ·     Wellness Through Movement

      ·     Writing Stories about Lived Experience: Experimental Form in Creative Nonfiction as a Way of Challenging the Ways We Are Storied

      ·     Healing Through Hip Hop

      ·     The Gifts of Psychosis

      ·     Conflict Resolution Through Art


      Healing Trauma

      ·     Transcending the Aftermath of Abuse: Moving from Victim to Expert

      ·     Trauma Informing the 12 Steps

      ·     Manifesting Malleability: Harnessing Modalities of Healing for Trauma Recovery

      ·     Traumatic Immobility: Depression as a Stress Response

      ·     Healing Through Spiritual Practices with a Trauma-Informed Care Lens


      Holistic Health and Spirituality

      ·    Alternative Therapies: The Experiential Approach Transforms Lives

      ·     Shamanic Healing: A Pathway for Reconnection and Recovery

      ·     Standing on Solid Ground in a Swiftly Changing World


      Innovative Perspectives

      ·     More than a Diagnosis: Finding Meaning after a Mental Health Diagnosis

      ·     Power, Privilege, and Liberation in Recovery

      ·     Nothing About Us Without Us: Walking the Talk at Mental Health Partnerships

      ·     The Humanistic Effect on Prison Abolition and Judicial Reintroduction Concepts

      ·     Nothing New Without Us: How People with Lived Experience Have Been Transforming the System

      ·     Emotional CPR: Learn to Help Another Through a Crisis or to Just Talk

      ·     The Simulation Hypothesis and What it Might Mean for Voices, Visions, and Other Unusual Experiences

      ·     Life Projects that Redefine Consensus Reality

      ·     Crisis: A New/Different Conversation

      ·     Criteria to Discover the ‘Why’ Within Mental Health


      Social Justice and Rights Protection

      ·     Rights on Another Planet

      ·     Handling Grievances: The Peer Way

      ·     Building a Coalition Against Co-optation

      ·     Coming Together/Moving Forward: Creating a Shared Vision for Mental Health Public Policy

      ·     Promoting Individual Rights and Justice: Refocusing Peer Support

      ·     Human Rights as Part of Our Personal Journey


      Substance Use

      ·     Safe Consumption Spaces: Innovative Harm Reduction Approaches to Substance Use

      ·     The Right to Refuse Drugs and the Right to Take Drugs: Integrating #NoMoreDrugWar Perspectives in an Age of Forced Drugging

      ·     Re-entry and Addictions: Building a Community of Inclusion vs. Exclusion


      Suicide Prevention

      ·     Anti-capitalist Support for Suicidal People

      ·     Suicide: Lets F@&%ing Talk About It

      ·     Alternatives to Suicide: A New Way to Understand and Support People Through Their Darkest Times


      Using Technology in Support of Recovery

      ·     What’s the Haps with Mental Health Apps?

      ·     Using Video/Film to Educate, Advocate, and Activate



      ·     What Gratitude Can Do for You and Tips for Practicing Gracious Living

      ·     100 Days of Transformation: How I Stopped Yelling, Started Listening, and Got My Family Back Through Action Planning and Mindfulness

      ·     Soul Centering for Emotional and Mental Wellness

      ·     The Art of Healing Conversations: How to Master the Art of Living

      ·     Listen to Your Heart: A Place of Emotional Wisdom and Physical Wellbeing

      ·     Standing on Solid Ground in a Swiftly Changing World