The mission of the Alternatives conference is to include as many diverse perspectives as possible on mental health recovery.

At Alternatives 2018, we will be On Our Own, Transforming the Future Together!

The conference theme is On Our Own, Transforming the Future Together—as both an homage to the seminal work by the late movement leader Judi Chamberlin* and in recognition of the fact that this will be a “people’s Alternatives,” funded entirely through registration fees and donations. “We will be ‘on our own’ again, connecting to the roots of our movement,” said conference chair Anthony Fox. “We will be free and empowered to express our unique voices, to learn from each other in the spirit of self-help, mutual support, and the principles of recovery in action, with the goal of living full and independent lives in the community.”

At Alternatives 2018, we will be On Our Own, Transforming the Future Together!

*A brief video of Judi's life and contribution.

This five-minute film was created to honor the life and work of Judi Chamberlin, one of the founders of the international consumer/survivor movement, who passed away in January 2010. The National Coalition seeks to build support for a longer documentary project to showcase the history of our movement for civil rights and community life for people with psychiatric disabilities.

Judi Chamberlin's book, On Our Own. You can purchase it at this link.


To learn more about Judi Chamberlin, visit her Special Collections and University Archives UMass Amherst Libraries

We are now living in a time of a historical shift where people with mental illness, like other groups that have historically been without power, are in the process of claiming our right to self-determination.
— Judi Chamberlin